JABRO With Kids and Doll

JABRO’S Biography

1961-1967Study of Fine Arts. From 1964 – 1967 Master Student. Finished as
Since 1967Working independently as freelance artist. Fields of work:
Sculptures, “graphic-paintings”, graphics, artistic photography,
writing, PR-film productions of own exhibited masterworks.
Furthermore: self-editing film work and script of own PR- films,
also self-publishing of one worldwide unique and beautiful book
“For Children AND Adults” with beautiful artistic photos and
photo-collages about the artist’s children in relation to her antique
toys, titled “La Belle’s Great Wish”, in English and German
In addition, JABRO has created in cooperation with her highly
gifted, youngest son (the unbeatable Webmaster of this beautiful
Website @ http://www.JABROS-Masterworks.com) one beautiful CHARITY
double-calendar for seniors’ benefits, the first of a series of three.
For the welfare double-calendar’s worldwide effective advertising,
JABRO also has created, in cooperation with the mentioned
webmaster, one gorgeous PR-Film about that welfare double-
calendar, containing, among other interesting things, information
about the private background of the webmaster by showing his
private, non-sponsored pet-sanctuary of dogs and cats, as well his
porcelain collection of partly antique dog-figurines. To discover @
www.BEN-J-A.com, and
1961-1981Creating of intellectual paintings and graphics, continuous own development of a new art expression: "Graphic-Painting". J.A.BRO. ©.
and 2001
Creation of sculptures and figures. J.A.BRO. ©.
1977-1991Numerous sole and company exhibitions of paintings and sculptures in Germany, France and abroad.
1965/72/80Birth of 3 children.
Since 1965Assembling of J.A.BRO. © collections.
1967-1969Creation of 2 art picture books "For Children And Adults" J.A.BRO. ©. Layered Wax-scratch technique.
1977&84"LA BELLE'S GREAT WISH", a beautiful art-photo book in 2 languages for "Children And Adults" was created and published by J.A.BRO. © Self-printing. J.A.BRO. © .
1978-1982Writing/directing, self-production of the autobiographical film "ME ABOUT ME", In cooperation with cameramen of different TV channels: J.A.BRO. ©.
1981-1984Picture, text and lay-out of the J.A.BRO. © reference exhibition
catalogue for antique toys, as well picture/text/lay-out of the
J.A.BRO. © reference work catalogue, titled "IN MEMORIAM", an
autobiography. J.A.BRO. ©.
1977-1991Artistic photography and textual listing of the J.A.BRO. © Museum
collections, produced for JABRO’s archives of professional color
photos, to be used for all printing matters. J.A.BRO. ©.
1984/85Founding/registration of the JABRO © Self-publishing.
1985/86Design and prototype of the JABRO © Artist Doll, Model Type #1,
titled “Little Child”, 11-11-85. Registered 1986-1989.
1985Idea/photo/text of a size A-3 calendar about the portraits of
JABRO’s antique dolls, innovative created with indirect lighting of
up to seven of those light-sources for only one item. J.A.BRO. ©.
1986Photo/text/lay-out of a reference book about antique Teddy Bears. J.A.BRO. ©.
1985/86Creation/reg. of prototype of the J.A.BRO. © New-Born Baby Teddy Pair, Little Brother & Little Sister J.A.BRO. ©. Reg. 1986-1989.
1988/89/90Idea/photo/text of 3 bestseller calendars about antique teddy bears. J.A.BRO. ©.
1986Prototype of 3 different J.A.BRO. © Artist Dolls. J.A.BRO. ©.
1987/1988Idea/photo/text lay-out of the J.A.BRO. © artist picture reference book: "I AM THE BEAR YELLOWY - WHO ARE YOU?"A book about antique German teddy bears in two languages. J.A.BRO. ©. ("Three Books In One Book For The Price Of One!")
1987/88Creation and prototype of the J.A.BRO. © Artist Doll Twin Baby Boy J.A.BRO. © and Artist Doll Twin Baby Girl J.A.BRO. ©.
1989Creation and prototype of the J.A.BRO. © Artist Doll Eskimo Baby. J.A.BRO. ©.
1989Creation and prototype of the J.A.BRO. © Artist Doll Crying Baby. J.A.BRO. ©.
1990/91Company exhibitions of J.A.BRO. © Artist Dolls in Australia.
1990Creation and prototype of the Artist Asian baby doll J.A.BRO. © and Artist Aboriginal Totem Toddler Girl Doll. All handmade and hand-painted. Lifelike, life-sized, natural weight and expression. J.A.BRO. ©.
1990Idea/photo/text/lay-out of a reference Teddy calendar about antique Australian (and English) Teddy Bears. J.A.BRO. ©.
1990Video film production about J.A.BRO'S © artist dolls. Still to be finished. J.A.BRO. ©.
1990Creation and prototype of the J.A.BRO. © moveable "Triple Face Artist Bear-doll".
1991Creation and prototypes of the J.A.BRO. © "Artist Sensual Sculptures To Play With". J.A.BRO. ©. Open for full marketing in different editions and materials.
1991Creation and prototype of the J.A.BRO. © "Artist Happy Figurine". J.A.BRO. ©. Open for full marketing in different editions, materials and sizes.
1991Creation and prototype of the J.A.BRO. © Artist Koala Bear Pair. J.A.BRO. ©. Open for full marketing in different editions and materials.
1993/94/96Working on two films about different kinds of animals. Unique and beautiful! Still to be finished.
"The Rock", Christ sculpture with kids & dog.
Five papal portraits of Pope John Paul II.
2014Portrait of Rolf Hochhuth and "Two Portraits in One" of Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock.

Following some of J.A.BRO's Autobiographical comments:

“School time seemed primarily an endless trauma of compulsion and demands. The wish for freedom and independence was pronounced at an early age.

This practiced form of integration of unsuspecting, vulnerable children and dependent youth, which lasts for decades, seems all the more questionable if it is taken into account that the single child, because of the wholesale demand of permanent proof of achievement in all teaching units, must necessarily suffer with regard to his or her respective talents and inclinations.

Also, it must be considered in spite of the constant, sick-making stress within connected, the questionable, always newly developed and partly in the praxis impracticable efforts of “reform” of the school system are, in concern for the children’s health, in the given way just not acceptable.

At the same time, the young students are faced with enforced compromises and concessions of “integration” into a questionable society-system of mass-formation, often controversial to their respective natural assessments and so in disregard of their very own individuality.

In addition to the forced subordinations and the fears resulting from, the juveniles are constantly exposed with for years, seems all the more regrettable when only the intellectual development is primarily and exclusively considered.

Those unfortunate but avoidable circumstances often resultt in irreparable neglect of the young personalities’ undisturbed mental and spiritual development.

Our sense of responsibility would ask for an answer to the question:

What value do these practices have? It is a sad but provable matter of fact that Western World’s social and societal (family) system is now described as relatively neurotic by internationally most renown psychologists, independently seen (even within connected) of the respective socio-political science and labor market with all its known and still only to be assumed negative results for the future generations and their environmental circumstances.

In other words, it was found from credible statistics that a frightfully high percentage of Western World’s population – no matter of age, education and social standing - is in ever increasing measure to psychosomatic disturbances and other pathological manifestations.

J.A.BRO. © - June 1978

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