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These bestseller calendars were photographed by multi-talent J.A.BRO , using her own antique toys.
The dolls & bears are brought to life with J.A.BRO'S own developed "Indirect Lighting" effects © J.A.BRO .
The 12 motives of bestseller calendar 1990 were taken out of J.A.BRO'S art-photobook "For Children From 1 Year To 100 Years", titled "I Am The Bear Yellowy - Who Are You?" 1987-1988, (not yet published) which is for sale, including copyright for publishing and full marketing such as making a TV cartoon series, collector's editions of the main characters in plush, prints on T-shirts, postcards, posters, dishes, etc.
Please note:

Being a broadly talented, academic artist (sculpture, painting, graphics, writing, filming) I also worked as an art photographer, daily up to 16 hours behind the camera over a period of 8 years. In this special field of art I experienced again that light and lighting is everything! I had not been satisfied with the common antique doll- and teddy photography of the sixties and seventies, shown in books and magazines on the international market at that time. So, in 1977 I began to photograph my own antique toy collection in a new way by developing my own style to this work exclusively with indirect lighting. That was at times very tricky but the success proved me right. To that time, in 1977, I created my first art picture-book for children and adults with help of my own two elder children and my antique doll collection, titled: "LA BELLES GREAT WISH". This book was printed in 1984 by self-publishing. J.A.BRO , ©. Contrary to the traditional way of this genre of photography my photographed antique dolls are no more the dead pieces of a cold, hard material but have the expression of live flesh and blood and my antique teddies are no more only objects of stuffed, dirty and shabby fur of fabric with stupid, soulless glass eyes but beautiful personalities, reflecting the artist's expression of sublimated "quasi-human" moods, ranging from self-confidence to introversion, from happiness to sadness, etc. Please, view the bestseller calendars with my motives from 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990 (copyrights J.A.BRO ). Light is the magical power in each case, spiritually and optically. Some years ago I was driving with my family through a forest in South Sweden. The time was around 5 PM. It was August, still summer, but the light was changing suddenly because of the beginning sunset. The view changed from one second to the other in a surreal, bright light, flashed on with thousands of electric highlights that the trees and their leaves looked stiff and frozen because of the change in colors. No movement could be noticed because the wind had died down, the song of the birds had vanished. There was an instant, deadly silence. We seemed to be in a big surreal theater with unnatural, artificial stage scenes. This situation lasted only a few minutes after that the light faded into the familiar dusk....

Important Notice:
From each original and from each copy of J.A.BRO'S broad field of self-created artwork a considerable share of all net proceeds has to be donated to the needy, disabled and sick children and animals of the country where J.A.BRO'S artwork is sold. In other words: The donations from the net proceeds of J.A.BRO'S products have to remain in the country where the products are sold. These donations cannot be used for any other purposes except for children and animal charities.
J.A.BRO is prepared to sell the remaining art originals and their copyrights.
If interested, please ask for more details at the "Send E-mail" section.

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