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Our Dogs, "Suzy" & "Sammy"

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Breed:Border Collie x Kelpy.
Name:"Suzy" has a special story too which is sadly very common, more in another chapter. She could become, with professional training, a very good sniffing dog because she always has her snout sniffling in action. She is intelligent, likes people, other dogs and is an excellent watch dog - it seems, that she is "hearing the grass growing"! She prefers to be always active and is digging daily deep holes into the soil. She would become an excellent working dog with professional training. She is easy to train, a people-pleaser and loves a lot of cuddles. She is sensitive and problem-free for her owners. Suzy has a very interesting, very unusual behaviour: She is lifting her right back leg very high, like a male dog, to "mark" her surrounding - especially the kennel doors where the male dogs are behind. Just an admirable, great friend and ideal family pet. (Never ever beat a dog - your best friend!)

Breed:Dalmatian x Pointer x ........
Name:"Sammy" has a very bad family history, but with a good ending. The big love in his life is his a hard, full rubber ball.With the right, professional training he would be an excellent goal keeper. He is always alert and registering each upcoming movement and happening by moving himself permanently, except when he is sleeping or chewing his well-loved ball on his bed. He is intelligent, but dislikes people because of bad experiences and also dislikes male dogs, except the male toy mini breed "Foxie, The Brat" who is always cheeky and trying to make him mad - luckily still without success. He is a great doggie but with deeply burnt distrust towards people. His always showing patience towards other (female) pets and towards his owners should be always returned by people towards him. He needs a lot of love, attention and "ball mates". His best friend since years is "Tiny", a neutered female Kelpie x Blue Heeler. By knowing his family background and his resulting fears and angst, he is still a great doggie, with help of the right treatment and the respect he deserves. (Never ever beat a dog - your best friend!)

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