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Early JABRO “Graphicpainting”, 1967 ©

Title: "Blue Jonas" Or: “Smiling Fascination in the Dripping Indifference of a Delivery - which Ends in the Tortured Inability of Successful Intake”
JABRO ©. (#*)

JABRO’S Blue and Red “Contrast-Pair in Action” pin-points on the artistically sublimated realisation of two contradistinctions into an ensemble of formatted perception of surreal and real.

"Blue Jonas" Or: Smiling Fascination in the dripping indifference of a delivery - which ends in the tortured inabilities of vainly intake.

"Blue Jonas" Or: "Smiling Fascination in The Dripping Indifference of a Delivery - which Ends in the Tortured Inability of Successful Intake." J.A.BRO. ©  (#*)

Material:Oil on primed canvas.
Size:117cm X 82cm.

This JABRO “Graphicpainting” is, as the last part of her “SERIES OF SIX”, the logical result of a development period (created in 1967) regarding very unique, but most painful works of art. Their spiritual topic and optical expression are the logical consequences of the preceding and subsequent “Graphicpaintings”. All six of them are powerful in their spiritual and pictural expression, but very uneasy in their critical accusation turned against a misogynistic men-society, where the laws of equality are only “toothless paper-tigers with alibi-functions”.

This unique “Series of Six” begins with a human figuration in half-total, proceeds with abstract formations and ends in the detailed presentation of two facial portrayals, by expressing JABRO’S oppositional symbols of “Two Halves As ONE Contrast-Pair”, ©.

NOTE: The following JABRO “Graphicpainting”, created and finished in the same year at Easter1967, titled “Moloch Life: The screaming Scream”, ©, must be seen as an accumulation of the same basic themes of the “SERIES OF SIX”, 1967, ©, as well from its work technique as another one-two- and three-dimensional “JABRO “Graphicpainting”. However, the artist wants to have it separated from the “Series Of Six”, since it is in its multilayered complexity a pictural and spiritual masterwork for its own, earlier created as the other ones from the same year, such as from second January 1967 to Easter 1967.

(1967 ©.) To see at www.JABROART.com, navigation bar’s section JABRO’S Paintings”, thumbnail (main-) page third row, second painting from left hand side to right hand side. 

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