JABRO With Kids and Doll

SERIES OF TWO, # (1) and # (2): “Death Mask Frontal and Death Mask Sidewards of King Frederic the Great”

1974, JABRO ©. (#*)

JABRO’S “Graphicpainting” has been created in view of the artist’s different thematic personifications as “Contrast-Pairs“, 1974, JABRO ©. (#*)

death mask of king frederic the great
Title:"Questioned End-State of SIDEWARDS Death Mask of King Frederic The Great", 1974, as the impression of a two-dimensionally created “Graphic-Painting” with SLEEPING eyes. J.A.BRO. ©
Material:Mixed techniques on cardboard and on hardboard.
Size:54 X 65cm.

The mask’s forehead is connected by an artistic cobweb of graphic texture, together with the, mainly graphically figured, antique wax doll, named "Griselda".
Her contrarily open and lively blinking (somehow sinister) eyes (*) are confirming too JABRO’S invention of the here acting "Contrast-Pair", but in a different way. J.A.BRO. ©  

(* To discover @ www.JABROART.com, navigation bar’s section "JABRO’S Graphicpaintings", main-page, thumbnail third row, seventh painting. ©.)

(Series of TWO, # (1))  (#*)
Note:Be aware: "Griselda" is watching you…

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