JABRO With Kids and Doll


"Woman's Water Game Nr. 1" 1974


The highly gifted, multitalent JABRO was always successfully working in two professions, such as in 24/7 fulltime motherhood and also fulltime artistry, despite the matter of fact having been faced with each kind of oppressions and exploitations in any respect.
In addition, there was a permanent lack of any genuine support during her entire lifetime.

However, despite all odds and ordeals, she never gave up, but continued with the homogenous development of the broadminded and multifaceted complexity of her masterworks of art.
In the consequence, of course, there was little or no financial return, in fact, never been enough to cover the high costs of producing, advertising, exhibiting and marketing her lifework of formative art! Here too, JABRO was not prepared to give up documented by her own managed and in self-direction built up solo exhibitions on lent money.      

In addition, J.A.BRO'S extraordinary and beautiful “Graphic-Paintings”, © and “graphics” are made without any use of mechanical aids - they just are created by hand only (and good eyesight).

Actually, some of them have been worked-on daily (in day-and night shifts) over a period of up to twelve months.
As a result, her beautiful and worldwide unique masterworks are all, but such “quickies” nowadays common. They are demanded in this way by clever art-agents successfully operating on international stages and thus obediently produced by their contractually bounded “gagging-articled” artists. This unethical symbiotic cooperation is earning them millions of dollars with those works of dubious nature! 

Additionally, the multitalented J.A.BRO is successfully working on other art subjects too.
The different kind of materializing the subjective sublimation of her mind and spirit into visible and touchable works of art - in the very own developed new art-style - are worldwide just unique.

NOTE: The following masterwork is one (of many) interesting examples and one of JABRO’S favourites. This sensual and “graphically-painted” Series of Four is titled "Woman's Relaxing Water Games", 1974, JABRO ©. The series documents her broad gifts and talents to combine inventive ideas and different working-techniques into her innovative perception of the “Contrast-Pairs documented in her Graphic-Paintings”, (“Graphicpaintings”) ©.

Those ingenious and unique ideas, novelties and inventions are masterly realized and analysed by the artist, as somehow reckonable in each of her masterworks. Especially interesting is the following example “Number One (#1)” of the (above mentioned) “Series of Four”, called by the artist “Woman’s Relaxing Water Games”, 1974. It typifies four impressive and “graphically-painted” masterworks in one row. This remarkable work of artistic representation is giving the impression of a three-dimensionally modelled body in “GREY”. In particular, this masterwork is demonstrating the artist’s other invention of her, so called,” Contrast-Pair(s)” with aid of the woman thighs’ opposite representation and its other, within connected and intertwined “Contrast-Pairs”, ©.  

That means, the female’s (left hand side) thigh’s top has no fixed shape line, but relays on the puzzles of many short top lines of different formations by creating, nevertheless, one optically continuous line. That means, all those formations in different greys are shaping in fixed three-dimensionality the entire thigh.
Since the desired impression of sculpturing three-dimensionality is documented here by the palette of many painstakingly placed forms of different greys, this special woman’s thigh will never be dependent on the outside surrounding’s changeable circumstances, such as light and shadow to create the sought after impression of a real “three-dimensional sculpture”.

Contrary to this (by JABRO invented) interesting but complicated art-style and working technique, the right hand side thigh is shaped only by a flat glued-on real and plain silver leaf, thought as the other, but oppositional half part of the first ensemble “Contrast-Pair”.

This “Contrast-Pair” is additionally containing to the same time one more “Contrast-Pair” in its differing but also possible similarity of impression, since reversed by dependency on light and shadow’s unsteadily movements.   

Therefore, opposite to the other thigh’s work-technique related unchangeable, but illusionary “sculptured three-dimensionality”, at first, it gives the impression of the fixed flat one-dimensionality. Nonetheless, it is somehow flexible too, but in its dependency on light and shadow’s impression only of an even impressionistic form of “sculptured three-dimensionality”.

In other words, contrary to the other thigh’s graphic-painted and therefore independently fixed-modelled three-dimensionality, the “silver-thigh” in its real flat existence of plain one-dimensionality is permanently and totally depended on the light’s position and its shadow to get some illusory form of “sculptured three-dimensionality”!

That means, this flat formation of a thigh (as the “Contrast-Pair’s” other half part) is offering three-dimensionality, as well even two-dimensionality, but only with aid of the variable and never constant “light & shadow game” resulting in a totally dependency on this impressionistic sort of an additional “Contrast-Pair”.

The last “Graphicpainting” of JABRO’S “Woman’s Relaxing Water Games” series is the interesting “Number Four (#4)”, 1974. (©)  

It contains all criterions of that Series of Four as “Four in One”.

That means, the colourful painting of an antique doll’s (swivel) head positioned on the upper half part of this unique “Graphic-Painting”, just confirms being the oppositional one half of another JABRO “Contrast-Pair”, which represents on its lower part the sought after complexion in form of three simple drawings only as the stylized masterworks of #1, #2 and #3 of this remarkable “Series of Four”.

In addition, the antique doll’s portrait is symbolising a child in another form of “Contrast-Pair” in reference to the age difference of an immature, vulnerably helpless infant and a grown up tenderly caring, responsible minded woman.

The other opposite form of “reproduction of a human being” has to be seen in the series’ artwork “Number One” (female body in water) with antique (Kestner) porcelain baby-doll, used here as a symbol of plain nursing MOTHERHOOD, a topic, which is intertwined with archaic and modern understanding of spiritual and practical perceptions.   

(In other words, the topic of JABRO’S “Series of Four” is factually relaying on two of her antique dolls as representatives of children, chosen in view of the artist’s understanding of self-sacrificing motherhood. It is idealised by her in the collective concept of “MOTHER EARTH”, which is the sound foundation and starting point of all of her worldwide unique masterworks. JABRO ©)

J.A.BRO is described by the art historian Hügel, Ph.D., as an artist of two opposite components:
a.)"With child-like innocence but critical as if using a dissecting laser beam by breaking up boundaries with the coldness of her reflecting intellect" and opposite:

"Her pictures are embarking for, or out of a world which can be characterized as parapsychological, as a META-WORLD". (Citation’s end)

From this art-historian’s point of view JABRO is personifying only one but, indeed, there are numerous “Contrast-pairs” to discover!

Coming from there, the artist prefers on one hand to believe in things only, which are intellectually reachable, provable & comprehensible, since based on scientific facts & experiences. However, on the other hand, she firmly believes in a supernatural overarching and all-embracing spiritual Godly Sphere from where the visible mundane world is observed and led in a non-personifying manner.      

That means, JABRO is convinced that there are more unknown grand spiritual things existing between heaven and earth the tiny human imagination never can embrace, but nevertheless should tirelessly reach for.

In other words, JABRO believes in the existence of GOD THE ALLMIGHTY as the gender free and all embracing most positive, spiritual existence in the entire universe!

In addition, she believes firmly in the responsibility of each human being to do always the right thing in the personal and wider surrounding of each of them.

Also, JABRO believes in the immortal, spiritual existence of each human-being’s soul, which is entering the fertilized egg in the very moment, when beginning with its partition into two cells.

Given that is THE ONLY TRUTH, the logical consequence of each human-being must be to lead his/her mundane, mortal life in a most positive way according to the, societal indispensable, Christian “Ten Commandments”, for being able to experience afterwards the immortal spiritual life at its best!  
(To be confirmed in The Bible’s Old and New Testament and in Dante Alighieri’s three parted epic poem, titled “The Divine Comedy”, 1265-1321)

Important Notice:

From each original and from each copy of J.A.BRO'S broad field of self-created works of art a considerable share of all net proceeds has to be donated to the fragile and bedridden seniors, also to the needy, disabled and sick children and abandoned animals of the very country where J.A.BRO'S artworks are for sale.  

In other words: The donations from the net proceeds of J.A.BRO'S products have to remain in the country where her products are being sold. These donations cannot be used for any other purposes except for seniors, children and animal charities.
In need of the best and most trustworthy legal adviser (likewise Mr. W.H. Gates senior for his son) and the most competent, internationally operating agent (likewise Mr. Kahnweiler for Picasso), J.A.BRO is prepared to sell her remaining works of art and their copyrights to international conditions.
If interested, please ask for more details at the "Send E-mail" section.

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