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Romeo And Juliet

1968, JABRO © (#*)

Romeo And Juliet
Title:"Romeo And Juliet". J.A.BRO. ©  (#*)
Created:Easter 1968.

Acrylic on primed hardboard.

Size:L: 148cm, B: 76cm.

One multilayered theme of two "One-Dimensional" paintings together connected in one custom made and white painted “Two-Dimensional” wooden frame.
The "Three-Dimensional" modelled drop is fixed on above “One-Dimensional” painting.

It is creating the thematical and figurative connection between JABRO’S "Contrast-Pairs" of the two oppositional motives even together rising "Up".

Contrary to this, the separating trop is emerging out of its “One-Dimensionality” and is transforming into its modelled “Three-Dimensionality. Within those symbolic movements the drop is causing in each dimension the damaging of separation by falling "Down", contrary to the “Contrast-Pair’s” movement of “Rising Up”.

Therewith the topic of "One-Dimensional" and Two-Dimensional, respectively "Three-Dimensional" is given with these “Contrast-Pairs in Action”.

The interruption on the bottom of each frame is supporting this visual and symbolical reflection of many opportunities of interpersonal relations. (1967) JABRO ©.

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