JABRO With Kids and Doll

"Self Portrait At Three", 1967. JABRO, ©.

JABRO’S very first "Graphicpainting" in wax scratch-technique, 1967.

Self Portrait At Three
Title:"Self Portrait At Three" J.A.BRO. ©
Material:Wax scratch technique on white, thick cardboard.
Size:Ca. 40cm X 52cm.


JABRO was the first artist, who originated in 1962 & 1967 eleven novelties and inventions for the fine arts, see @ www.JABROART.com, navigation board, section “Home Page”.

This early JABRO “Self Portrait at Three” shows four of them, see below “Summarization”.  

In addition, during the following years, the artist typifies the Christian sacred symbol of the “TRIANGLE” (Triptych, Trilogy, and Trinity) more often in her subsequently developed masterworks as Christianity’s consecrated and multifaceted topic.

In this early and very first self-portrait from 1967, JABRO has also used the very first time the triangle as a visibly geometrical sign and an invisibly spiritual and sacred Christian symbol.  

So far, the TRIANGLE, as a visibly made geometrical sign and as a Christian invisibly spiritual symbol of “God-Father, God-Son and godly Holy Spirit”, is clearly to recognise in this early JABRO artwork. It is created as a nearly isosceles triangle seen from three “points of view”, such as hair, butterfly and left hand of the black doll.   


1.) JABRO’S unique and beautiful "Self-portrait" in wax-scratch technique, as a three years young child, has been invented and created by the artist as her very first “GRAPHICPAINTING”,©.
It is indeed THE first and key-artwork of all of JABRO’S subsequently developed masterworks, based on four of her eleven inventions and novelties for the fine arts, such as: "GRAPHICPAINTING AS A COMPLEXITY OF GRAPHIC AND PAINTING UNITED IN A COMPOSITION OF TWO IN ONE"! ©                                                                                 

2.) To the same time, JABRO invented the perception “OBJECTSREACHING OUT OF GIVEN BORDERS”, 1967, ©.

3.) The construction of this early self-portrait (1967) is also the very first time based on the Christian sacred symbol of a geometrical and virtually isosceles TRIANGLE.                                                                   
In this case, the artist has used as the three pin-points of the triangle the child’s hair on its top, as well the butterfly and the hand of the black doll as the two lower points on the right and left hand side of the nearly isosceles side parts of it. Both of them are connected together by the wide basis of this geometric sign and spiritually consecrated symbol.

4.) Thru the oppositeness in spiritual and material existence the triangle’s multilayered topic also has been described by JABRO as her very first “CONTRAST-PAIRS” in representation of all of her masterworks’ foundation.     

JABRO, 1967, ©.

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