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JABRO developed since 1962 for her sculptures and since 1967 for her paintings about eleven inventions and novelties for the fine arts. In case of her paintings she has developed a new art style, called by her "Graphicpainting". ©
It’s multilayered topic is a composition of graphic and painting in one masterwork.


Some of JABRO'S unique, intellectual and beautiful "Graphicpaintings" ©, from 1967-1981, are created in the seemingly simple, but, indeed, most fastidious working-style of the masters of the Middle Ages by using transparent layers and/or mix- techniques.

JABRO’S masterworks are all hand-created without the aid of airbrush, photocopying, matrix, pattern & clear foil, as well without projection of colour transparencies on screens and so forth. The main colours of her masterworks are mainly BLUE and RED in all their variations.

In addition, her paintings’ format-division principally is based on geometric formations as the sacred Christian symbol of the Triangle (Triptych & Trinity) also the rectangular and the square.

The intellectual and spiritual themes of the paintings are all related (more or less) on humans' interrelations on all levels of life, based on the science of psychoanalysis and on the subjective experiences of paranormality.

In the consequence, JABRO'S themes are real- and surreal life experiences and their subjective sublimations are transformed by the artist into unique and gorgeous works of art being just the logical result of cause & effect.

The visual impressions of JABRO'S "Graphicpaintings" may have surreal elements, but apart from them they have to be independently seen in their subjectively sublimated, intellectual and spiritual definition.

In principle, the surrealism is based on the individuals’ primary emotional subconscious mind. The surrealists’ works of art do articulate, like their creators, individually very different and multilayered expressions, but somehow they all are uniformed in the rules of this interesting art-style.

Contrary to this given fact, JABRO is following only her self-created and unique art-style. Of course, this art-style has also its own rules to obey, in any respect.

Among others there are the strict rules too giving the best of reachable workmanship in excellence.

JABRO just did it.

J.A.BRO is described by the art historian Dr. Eike Hügel, as an artist of two opposite components:
a.)"With child-like innocence but critical as if using a dissecting laser beam by breaking up boundaries with the coldness of her reflecting intellect" and opposite:
b.)"Her pictures are embarking for, or out of a world which can be characterized as parapsychological, as a meta-world".

Described as a private person and as a professional artist of “two opposite components”, JABRO does confirm the statement of the historian Dr. Eike Hügel by the, indeed, vividly analytical and intellectually rational, as well surreally spiritual and mythological themes of her broad and unique masterworks of art. Among others, they are principally based on the various themes of her unique (eleven) inventions and novelties for the fine arts.

In the logical consequence, the main topic of them is definably summarized by the highly gifted artist as being her multifaceted “CONTRAST-PAIR(S)”, © .

Important Notice:

From each original and from each copy of JABRO'S broad field of own developed and worldwide unique works of art a considerable share of all net proceeds has to be donated to the fragile and bedridden seniors, as well to the needy, disabled and sick children and animals of the country, where JABRO'S artistic lifework is for sale.
In other words: The donations from the net proceeds of JABRO'S products have to remain in those countries only, where her artistic original creations are for sale, as well their copies as (mass-) productions.
These donations cannot be used for any other purposes except for seniors, children and animal charities.

NOTE: JABRO is prepared to sell her remaining original works of art and their copyrights with the condition to donate a considerable share of the net-proceeds to honourable and genuine charities.
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