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Jan 11, 2015Made navigating this huge website easier by now including a unique "Go to Navigation Bar" "zone"/button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, when browsing this website. If you ever get lost or just don't like scrolling (after looking at a picture), then simply click it and the page will automatically scroll to the navigation bar. Minor misc. updates.
Nov 6, 2014Added a new graphic to the "Graphic Paintings" page.
Oct 31, 2014Added the "Celebrate Life - Celebrate Age" calendar to the "Calendars" page.
Mar 9, 2014Some updates to the website's code to improve appearance when browser is run in a window smaller than fully maximised/full screen width.
Jan 2, 2014Updated the size and quality of the pictures of various paintings. Added an RSS feed and also created a Blog, to be activated in March 2014.
Aug 12, 2013Various sections of website received updates, including reducing the loading time a little.
Apr 4, 2013Compatibility upgrades to site code for smaller screens made.
Apr 2, 2013Some background graphics have been tweaked.
Jan 15, 2013More images in the "Paintings" pages have received quality upgrades. Minor tweaks to site's JavaScript to help with compatibility on smaller screens.
Sep 19, 2012A number of images in the "Paintings" and "Graphics" pages have received quality upgrades - also, you can now see detail closeups on some artworks.
Aug 29, 2012The end of a very productive month - In addition to creating a news section on every page, various images in the "Dolls", "Calendar" and "Paintings" pages have been upgraded with higher quality and resolution.
Jul 22, 2012Minor tweaks to site code and appearance which can be seen with CSS3.
Sep 4, 2011Increased size of title picture on the "Artist-Dolls" index page. Restructured the links in the entire "Artist-Dolls" section and merged the "Doll Work-Info" pages.
Aug 23, 2011Improved the quality of a handful of pictures in the "Artist-Dolls" section.
Aug 21, 2011Made the background picture-frame border compatible with a greater variety of resolutions.
Jul 11, 2011Tweaked the appearance of the background picture-frame border of this Website a little.
Aug 16, 2010Overhauled the look of the site. Added photo to "Type 6 Doll" of a child holding the doll.
Jul 30, 2010Improved the quality of a couple of pictures in the "Artist-Dolls" section.
Mar 29, 2009Removed dialup section of Web site and dialup quality videos option in "Multimedia" section. Dialup users may still download the lower quality videos directly. Updated site code slightly to be more suitable for a wider range of computer monitor resolutions.
Aug 24, 2008Updates to contact form made. It's still possible to send regular emails, if desired.
Feb 11, 2007Improved picture of "Mouth Bust Combo" sculpture.
Dec 7, 2006Updated contact form. Now is more compatible with a wider range of browser and firewall settings. You must still enable cookies before you can send a message to prevent SPAM.
Dec 3, 2006The "Dialup" section for people with slower connections is back.
Nov 27, 2006Removed and updated some parts of the HTML code. Appearance of site is unchanged.
Nov 17, 2006Updated contact form. You must now enter a verification code and enable cookies before you can send a message. This change was necessary to prevent SPAM from being sent..
Nov 8, 2006Overhauled the "Multimedia" section. Videos have been re-encoded in FLV format. You will need the latest "Flash Player" to view them. The low-bandwidth WMV format videos remain.
Sep 14, 2006Minor code and navigation updates throughout the site.
Feb 3, 2006Added the "BABY-GIRL - Type 0" artist-doll to the "GIRLS, TWINS & LIFELIKE DOLLS" section. This is J.A.BRO'S first lifelike artist doll.
Jan 24, 2006Small update to the "Mouth Breast Combo" sculpture image.
Jan 21, 2006Added new background to the "Fruit Harvest" sculpture image.
Jan 18, 2006Images in the "Bear Yellowy Book" and "Collages" section received quality upgrades.
Jan 18, 2006Several images in the "Artist Dolls" section received quality upgrades.
Jan 16, 2006Quality update of "Mother And Child In Carry-Nest" image in the "Paintings" section.
Jan 16, 2006Quality update of "Leda And The Swan" image in the "Paintings" section.
Jan 16, 2006Minor update to image of "Beba" in the "Family Album".
Jan 16, 2006Image of "Suzy" & "Sammy" in the "Doggie Tales" section improved.
Dec 15, 2005Minor update to "Beba" section in the "Family Album".
Dec 15, 2005Cascading Style Sheet updated.
Oct 29, 2005Rebuilt the "Multimedia" section, now simpler to navigate. Videos are in WMV format.
Oct 6, 2005Entire Website overhauled. Site now uses CSS. Removed "Dialup" section for now.
Due to the increase in "Broadband" Internet connections, many images will undergo "quality upgrades", decreasing compression and/or increasing resolution/detail. This will happen over the next 6 months. The "Dialup" section for people with slower connections will be back in the first quarter of 06.
Apr 2, 2005Added image and message to "Public Faces" section. Take a look.
Feb 11, 2005Added message to "Public Faces" section. Take a look.
Apr 23, 2004Restructured HTML & JS to improve speed and browser compatibility.
Aug 22, 2003Added contact form so you can send messages without an e-mail client.
Aug 17, 2003Restructured HTML and added javascript code to improve loading speed.
Aug 11, 2003Created a "Dialup" section of this Web site with images that were compressed up to 300% more. This reduces the detail somewhat, but people without broadband will have to wait less for images to fully load.
Aug 8, 2003Expanded the "Multimedia" section with 4 great videos about J.A.BRO'S art- and private life. You will need broadband to view them.
July 13, 2003All of our dog pictures were updated with larger, higher reolution files. Come look at our beautiful dogs!
July 12, 2003The movies in the "Multimedia" section have been updated.
July 9, 2003The great "Early Motschmann", 1974, graphic page was updated with a higher quality picture.
May 18, 2003"HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPA", 18.5.03, was added to the"Public Faces"and "Art Gift" sections.
May 9, 2003The unique sculpture "Mouth Breast Combo", 1963, was added to the "Sculptures" section.
May 6, 2003Busy, busy, busy... Added "Anatomy Of Oversized Leg" to the "Sculptures" section. The unique paintings "Broken Guard Can't Protect Blue Female Treasure", "Anatomie's Dissection Of A World's Political Corpse" have been added to the"Paintings" section. The mystical "Love Affair" graphic has been added to the"Graphics" section.
Apr 25, 2003The paintings section has been updated with "Self Portrait At Three" and "Princess At Three".
Apr 23, 2003Added the sculpture "Mother Earth's Fertility", take a look!
Apr 17, 2003Added finishing touches to the movies in the "Multimedia" section. Six movies in total. The movie "J.A.BRO About J.A.BRO" was created from 20-25 year old film and over 120 newly created pictures made just for this amazing 35 minute production. The fantastic movies "J.A.BRO'S Doll Workshop", "J.A.BRO'S Doll Exhibition 1" and "J.A.BRO'S Doll Exhibition 2" were created from almost 9 hours of SVHS Video.
Mar 16 , 2003Replaced all the images in the "1985 Doll Calendar" with new, higher resolution images.
Feb 24, 2003Replaced all the images in the "Artist Dolls", "1988 Bear Calendar", "1989 Bear Calendar", sections with new, higher resolution images.
Feb 16, 2003Added 2 beautiful books! "MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN" and "DAY TIME AND DREAM TIME" to the books section. They are truly unique and wonderful. Please take a look.
Jan 14, 2003Completely renewed all images from the "Bear Yellowy" book pages and "1990 Bear Calendar" sections. They now have higher resolution.
Dec 14, 2002Re-created the images from the "Art Photo Collages", "Artist Bears" and "La Belle's Great Wish" sections. They now have higher resolution. Also added new and beautiful artworks to the "Public Faces" section.
Nov 4, 2002Re-created the "Today Is Grandpa's Birthday" book pages in full colour. Take a look!
Oct 30 , 2002Completely re-designed and updated the "Public Faces" pages. Started work on creating compressed films for Web and CD use, using BETA SP and SVHS masters from the J.A.BRO. archives. Finished re-creating the images on the paintings and sculptures pages. They are now larger.
Oct 22, 2002Re-created, optimized and increased size/resolution of over half the images on the paintings and sculptures pages. Also added a Flash animation of the epic Jesus Christ sculpture. Take a look! More to come.
Sep 16, 2002Completely re-designed entire Web site. More updates to come.
Aug 16, 2002Started the largest site update and re-design in 2 years.
Apr 22, 2002Finished work on 2nd CD version of this Web site and optimized the HTML pages for faster loading and rendering.
Feb 24, 2002Maintenance updates to "Album" pages.
Feb 4, 2002New section added to site: "Public Faces" This section will continue to grow in the near future!
Dec 24-26, 01Quite a number of pages updated and added:
Art gift page: http://www.JABROS-Masterworks.com/gift.htm - Many additions/updates such as "Crying Afghanistan Baby" and artist doll "Benjamin".
Minor updates to "Art Photo Book" section.
Dec 16, 2001Major update to site:
Divided the entire Web site into two sections, one for people with slower dialup modem connections and another for people with fast ISDN/Cable/ADSL connections.
Dec 11, 2001Been busily adding new things to this Web site (to be uploaded soon). For now though, some minor updates here and there.
Nov 16, 2001Added the "SilverSurfer Award" to the "Awards Page". Thank you!
Month of
Oct, 2001
Added the "GOLD DECO AWARD" (thanks!!) to the "Awards Page" and made various small updates throughout this month.
Sep 27, 2001Added a great new page: J.A.BRO'S CD Case Inserts & Labels.
Sep 23, 2001Added the "Critical Mass Award" (thank you!) to the "Awards Page" and created this "Updates Page".
Sep 22, 2001Put all the Web Rings from the main page on their own page to improve loading speed.
Sep 18, 2001Created the "Awards Page" (thank you for your great awards), the "Links" page and added the "World Web Award of Excellence" to the "Awards Page".
Aug 22, 2001Minor updates of images throughout site, such as - "Jointed Doll Nr.6 With Bugs".
Aug 19, 2001Massive updates made to the Graphic Drawings/Paintings Section:
Updated/increased size/quality of every image and added "Easter Egg" and "Rhapsody in Blue (Broken Promise)".
Aug 11, 2001Added new painting - "Steven's Grandma". Also improved quality of the "Leda And The Swan" picture.
Aug 10, 2001Massive updates made to the Books Pages:
Added "TODAY IS GRANDPA'S BIRTHDAY!". Re-created the "I Am The Bear Yellowy - Who Are You?" - Scanned all pages from the book, re-typed the text for easy reading and created a large thumbnail index with easy and full navigation throughout (currently offline) . Cosmetic changes to existing "La Belle's Great Wish" index page.
July 27, 2001Massive updates:
Created entirely new section - "The Family Album"
May 15, 2001Massive updates made to the Sculptures Pages:
Added 11 previously unseen sculptures and a brand new one.
May 9, 2001Massive updates made to the Paintings Pages:
Added 9 beautiful paintings.
May 3, 2001Minor update of "Allegory Of Life" images.
Mid 1998The J.A.BRO. website was first created in mid 1998 and updated since then by the original authors - artist and web designer.

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